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How long do Tape-In Extensions Last? Must-Read

How long do tape-in extensions last

"Say goodbye to constant hair extension replacements: Discover the surprising truth about how long tape-in extensions really last!"

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The world is evolving so fast, and some prefer not to wait for the good hair days. So, some people achieve this quickly through installing tape in hair extensions. These extensions are the most reliable and easy-to-use type of hair extensions that can also be reused several times. Tape-in extensions do not affect your hair or cause hair damage. It gives you the ultimate experience of voluminous hair with the least maintenance and care involved. Let's have a look at some most common FAQs related to how long do tape in hair extensions last:

What are tape in hair extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are the unique form of hair extension in the market made up of Remy Human or synthetic hair. It is a type of permanent hair extension that comes with a pre-taped weft. It has a thin weft of about 1.5 inches that is sandwiched between your hair like bonds. The wefts have medical-grade adhesive that makes them safe to install. They come in different lengths and colors to perfectly match your hair tone. These extensions need a professional hairstylist to install and depict a natural look professionally.

What are tape in extensions made from?

Tape-in hair extensions are generally made up of Remy human hair or synthetic hair. They look 100% natural when made with Remy human hair and coated with Polyurethane, as the hair cuticle is intact. Tape-in hair extensions made from Remy human hair are usually collected from one donor, and all the cuticles occur in the same directions to avoid tangles and knots. These extensions are easier to maintain, wash and detangle and can be styled much more easily than synthetic hair extensions. These extensions look natural and lay perfectly flat over the head to give a refined, sleek look.

Do tape-in extensions damage hair?

The tape-In hair extension is one of the safest options for your hair when considering all types of hair extensions. Repeated use of hair extension can cause traction Alopecia, which causes hair thinning from roots. However, a tape-in extension does not harm you in this way because it reduces the extra pressure on the scalp, which results in minimal to no hair damage. Tape-in hair extensions need a correct application from professionals to minimize hair damage. If they are not cared for properly or not properly applied, they can cause breakage or damage to the natural hair.

How long do tape-in extensions last?

Each install roughly lasts 6-8 weeks before you need to re-install/re-adjust the tapes. If you have bought good quality tape in hair extensions, you have made a long-time investment because they usually do not lose their shine and texture quickly and could benefit you for a long time. These can last you between 1-3 years, although you will need to replace the tapes between installs. They are super quick, easy to apply, and need proper care to make them last longer.

How long do tape extensions last before I take them out?

Tape-in hair extensions are the easiest way to add a luxurious volume and length to your hair for a short period, lasting more than 2 months. Every hair extension needs removal and reinstallation after 6-8 weeks of usage because our hair growth creates a gap between the tab and scalp. The duration of the tape-in hair extensions depends upon your hair care routine and the growth of your hair. Usually, it is recommended to remove and reinstall the Tape in hair extensions after 6-8 weeks of usage to wash and care for it. They are a reusable type of hair extension that can be reapplied on your scalp after washing and drying properly.

How long do tape in hair extensions last if washed properly?

Tape in hair extensions need a proper hair care routine to elongate their life. The most important question nowadays is how long do tape-ins last? If you wash them properly with sulfate-free cleaning agents, they could last as long as 6-8 weeks before removing and reapplying. Tape-in hair extensions are made up of delicate human hair which need sulfate-free, oil, and alcohol-free shampoos and conditioners to maintain their smooth texture and impeccable shine. Chemicals such as sulfates can eventually dry out the extension’s hair and weaken the adhesive. It would be best to regularly detangle the extension with your fingers or a wide tooth comb to make sure it is knots-free and sleek while leaving no tangled hair with the neighbouring extensions.

How long do tape in extensions last if handled with care?

Tape-in hair extensions are the most popular type because they don't require much care and can last for more than two months without extra maintenance. Tape-in extensions are designed delicately by the hand injecting method, so they must not hold upside down to avoid tangling. If the wearer avoids pulling of extensions, washes more often with chemical-free agents, avoids oily roots, then the tape in extensions can give you long-lasting good hair days for about 6-8 weeks. After that, you must visit the salon to refit the tape in the hair extension.

How to install the tape in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions need professional hair stylists to attach them correctly to your scalp and mimic a realistic look. At the same time, it is easy to put it at home with a lot of practice and by following the correct technique. These are some of the steps to follow to apply tape in hair extensions.
1. Firstly, wash your hair before applying for hair extensions. Avoid applying conditioner/oils/creams to the roots of your hair.
2. Make sections of your hair from various areas, lift small sections to apply for pre-taped extension under and above the hair section, and press them together.
3. Do not wash or comb your hair for at least 2 days for a firm application.

How to remove tape in hair extensions?

The tape in hair extension must be removed after 6-8 weeks of usage due to natural hair growth. You must remove and reapply it for a perfect fresh look. You can remove your hair extension using a tail comb and an extension remover. Spray the remover gently over the tape and leave it for 30 seconds. The remover will eventually dissolve the adhesive from the tape and remove the hair extension easily from your scalp. Now clean the residue, apply new adhesive refills, and attach the hair again with the previous method for a great voluminous hair experience for many days.

Can you reuse tape in hair extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are the most economical type of extension that can be reused up to 3 times. You can reuse it by applying correctly and firmly again. First, remove the old sticky tab and all the residue over it, then wash it with clean water and let it air dry. Putting a conditioner over the extension is recommended to regain its smoothness and shine. Now the extension is ready to reapply. Get a new pack of sticky tape tabs and use it to reapply the extension firmly for a fresher look.

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Benefits of tape in hair extensions

Some of the most common benefits of Tape-In hair extensions are:

Less maintenance - Tape in Hair extensions requires less maintenance. It just needs simple washing and drying and no other touch-ups. For its maintenance, you need to freshen it up by going salon after 5-6 weeks.

1. No scalp discomfort or hair loss

Tape-in hair extensions cause no scalp discomfort, just like other types of extensions. Clip-ins can cause scalp itching and tightness of hair, but tape in hair extensions are painless.

2. Versatile

Tape-in hair extensions are super versatile and allow you to make many hairstyles. Since they are harvested from a human donor, you can use all the heating tools over them for styling. You can also blow dry it to achieve a silky texture.

3. Durability

Tape-in hair extensions are highly durable and remain intact in their place even after regular washing. You can freely make any hairstyle and blow dry the extension without fearing melting down.

4. Reusable and budget friendly

Wearers can use tape-in hair extensions up to 3 times, which makes it cost-effective and budget-friendly. It can be replaced by removing the tapes and using new adhesive tapes over them for slaying effortless, voluminous hair for 5 weeks.


Who does not want thick, voluminous hair to achieve every possible style? Everyone! It's time to say goodbye to bad hair days and thinning hair lines, and welcome tape-in hair extensions that come in every shade, type, and size to mix and match your hair and give an incredibly realistic look. They are less irritating, more durable, and maximize comfort, giving you a beautifully unique look. They are reusable and are a long-term investment.
So, what are you thinking? Grab tape in hair extensions in your favorite shade and get them installed to slay your look.

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