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Micro-Link Hair Extensions

Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions, also known as micro link hair extensions, i tip hair extensions or microring extensions , are a revolutionary method for achieving longer, fuller hair with a natural look. These extensions involve small, discreet micro rings or loops that are applied to tiny sections of natural hair, securing the extension strands in place. The technique eliminates the need for heat, adhesives, or chemicals, making it a gentle and non-damaging option.

Micro link hair extensions offer versatility as they can be easily adjusted and repositioned without causing stress to the natural hair. The micro rings, available in various colors, blend seamlessly with the individual's hair for a virtually undetectable result. This method caters to those seeking a long-term solution, as micro ring extensions can be worn for several months with proper care.

Ideal for adding length and volume, micro extensions provide a lightweight and comfortable experience. Whether someone desires a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, micro ring hair extensions are a flexible and popular choice for achieving stunning, natural-looking results.

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Deep Curly Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Deep Curly Micro Ring Hair Extensions

£168.00   £149.00
Deep Curly Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Deep Curly Micro Ring Hair Extensions (Balayage colours)

From  £182.00
Kinky Curly Micro-link Hair Extensions.

Kinky Curly Micro Ring Hair Extensions

From  £157.00
Deep Wavy Micro-link Hair Extensions.

Deep Wave Micro Ring Hair Extensions

From  £134.00
 Micro Ring body wave

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Body wave

From  £126.00