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Hair Extensions Tips, Retain your Hair Length and Stop Breakage

Hair Extensions Tips, Retain your Hair Length and Stop Breakage

Coming out of a shower and seeing strands of hair stuck to the drain can indeed be daunting. Aside from losing your beloved tresses, the struggle to unclog the drains is also overwhelming. But sometimes, no matter how much one tries to care for their hair, the hair just doesn’t care. Breakage, frizz, and dryness may seem like a friend that never parts.

If you are also one of those people who are tired of their hair breaking off, we’ve got your back. At times the tiny mistakes we make causes a lot of problems in the long run. 

So, take some notes and prepare for an information-filled ride about the do’s and don’ts of modern-day haircare.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy from Roots to Ends

Hair loss and breakage can wreak havoc on your mental health. Now, who would want to lose their shiny locks due to negligence? So, we have rounded down some excellent hair care tips to help you keep your hair long and healthy. 

But before we dive into the care and tips, you must identify the root cause of the hair loss. It can vary from minor issues like using a lot of heat and chemicals to underlying health conditions. Once you identify the root of the problem, solving it will become easier.

Here are some hair care methods to ensure your mane remains healthy.

1. Use Silk Pillows

Let’s start from the basics. The top method to prevent hair breakage during sleep is to sleep on silk pillows. It’s because satin is a friction-free material and won’t tug on your hair. Resultantly, your locks will retain moisture and won’t break off if you toss and turn during the night. 

We sleep around seven to eight hours every night, and caring for our hair during sleep will determine our overall health and look. 

The best part? Silk is also amazing for your skin and helps prevent wrinkles. You’ll get double benefits by following this simple hair care tip. Sounds perfect, right?

2. Never Forget to Condition

Hair breaks due to lack of moisture in it. Therefore, people use conditioners to lock in the hydration and moisture after shampooing. 

If you frequently skip conditioners in your hair wash routine, it could be the reason for excessive breakage. So, always remember to condition your hair from mid-section to end. Also, remember to keep the conditioner on your hair for at least two to five minutes. Washing it off too soon won’t be beneficial.

Hair masks and oils are also a great way to moisturize your locks. You can use deep conditioners or DIY hair masks once a week for added shine. When you moisturize your tresses, you’ll have lesser split ends and, as a result, better-looking hair.

3. Avoid Heat Tools and Excessive Styling

Heat strips the moisture out of your hair, making it dry and brittle. As a result, you will suffer from hair breakage and frizz. But, even though heat protectant sprays and serums may be helpful, using too much heat will cause irreversible damage. 

So, to grow long hair, you’ll have to avoid using heat tools daily. Instead of blow-drying your hair after every wash, let them dry naturally. You can also rock those natural curls instead of straightening your hair every week.

This will help your locks regain their health, and you’ll also have one less thing to worry about every day.

4. Get a Trim

Regular trims are a great way to grow long hair. It may seem paradoxical, but trimming an inch or two helps your tresses to grow fast. If left untreated, split ends start going higher along your hair shaft. It creates a very untidy and frizzy look and causes the hair to break off in the middle. 

A trim will give you a fresher look and cut those dead ends off your beloved hair. Regular trims may shorten the appearance of hair, but it is the opposite. You’ll have not only long but also healthy and fresh hair. Sounds just about right if you ask us!

5. Don’t Wash Hair Excessively

The more you wash your hair, the oilier it will become. When you strip moisture and hydration, your hair follicles overproduce the sebum. It is why people who shampoo their hair every day need to keep washing them because of the overproduction of sebum. 

To balance out the production, you’ll need to elongate the gap between each shampoo routine. When you do that, your hair will get used to it, and sebum production will reduce with time. So, you’ll have to wash your hair less, so your locks will stay hydrated for longer. 

6. Don’t Forget Your Diet

Lastly, we can’t deny the importance of a balanced diet for hair health. Your hair needs adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals to grow. Unfortunately, if any of those are missing from your diet, it will impact your health and overall look. 

So, you must include fruits and nuts in your daily diet. You can also incorporate fish and beans to get omega-3, essential for hair growth. Supplements are another option for people who don’t take healthy diets. 

Once your body's nutritional requirements are fulfilled, your hair will automatically look much better.

Bonus Tip

Do you think we are done? Not yet! This bonus tip is a centuries-old tradition for healthier hair. Try it to see the results.

Hair massages stimulate blood flow toward your head which helps the hair grow faster. People have been oiling and massaging their hair for centuries to encourage healthy growth. 

All you have to do is warm some oil and pour a few drops on the roots. Then, thoroughly massage it for a few minutes to allow blood flow. Regular hot oil massages will moisturize and strengthen your hair.


The hair makes up to 80% of your overall look. So, you must care for your tresses to look younger and fresher. If you follow these tips religiously, you’ll start seeing a drastic improvement in the health and feel of your beloved locks. Good luck!

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