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Swiss Lace Blonde (#613) 5 x 5 Closure

Is this the blonde for you? These beautiful blonde closures have been beautifully handmade and dyed into this luscious shade of blonde for you.

✅ 100% human hair

✅ 5"x 5" closure

✅ Lasts 1+ year with proper care and maintenance

✅ Straight Hair Texture

✅ Can be dyed or toned to achieve your desired colour

Please note: You will see short hairs which are known as 'inverted hairs'. This is where the hair is knotted onto the swiss lace. The length will usually be between 2-3 inches long on the short side. This is similar to our own hair, where we may get 'flyaway hairs'. This is not a defect; it can be tamed using a curling wand, hair serum or hair wax or trimmed with scissors. 

Please note: Please allow up to 5 days to process your order as it is handmade. It can be processed quicker but depends on if there is a high volume of orders.

This is a customized order, please view our returns policy for more information about these types of orders

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